Nogva Heimdal Propulsion AS produces reduction gears, controllable pitch propellers and more for small and medium-sized vessels with engine power up to 3 000 kW, and propeller diameters of up to 3.8 meters.

Heimdal reduction gears

The Heimdal HG Series comprises robust gears commonly used in tugs, fishing vessels, work boats, and other vessels requiring high pull and equipment tolerating hard use in difficult conditions.

Controllable pitch propellers

Heimdal propellers are designed using modern software and customized according to the requirements of each vessel. This is to ensure a high degree of efficiency and to minimize noise and vibrations.


Nogva Heimdal Propulsion AS can provide complete assemblies including Reduction gear, propeller, shaft ect.


Nogva Heimdal Propulsion AS offers service in connection to commissioning, preventative maintenance, repairs and gear renovations.